Tales from the Borderlands Xbox One


Tales from the Borderlands Xbox One

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Tales from the Borderlands Xbox One


IN THE UNFORGIVING WORLD OF PANDORA a Hyperion ‘suit’ and a con artist embark on an adventure to recover cash they both think is theirs.

In this award-winning universe created by Gearbox Software, experience the story of Rhys and Fiona, unwilling partners on a quest for greatness.


PLAY AS RHYS - The first of our protagonists in Tales of the Borderlands.

An employee of the Hyperion Corporation, Pandoras chief weapons manufacture, is on a mission for the ultimate promotion; to make Hyperion his.

PLAY AS FIONA - As the second protagonist in Tales of the Borderlands,

Fiona is a professional con artist who unwillingly partners up with Rhys on a mission to claim back money she believes is rightfully hers.

EXPLORE PANDORA - the mysterious planet featured in the award winning Borderlands series.

Re-experience familiar locations as well as discovering new locations brought to life as more than mere cannon fodder.

Enjoy unique experiences as your choices change the course of the story, making this tale yours.

EPISODE ONE: ZER0 SUM - On the unforgiving world of Pandora, Rhys and Fiona embark on an adventure to recover cash they both think is theirs.

EPISODE TWO: ATLAS MUGGED - The discovery of the Gortys Project fuels a madcap race to find just what the Atlas Corporation was up to prior to Hyperion’s takeover of Pandora. But our intrepid heroes are not the only ones on the trail.

EPISODE THREE: CATCH A RIDE - After a dizzying escape from a very-near-almost-certain-death scenario, Rhys and Fiona find themselves looking for another piece of the puzzle that will lead them to the untold riches of Vault key ownership.

EPISODE FOUR: ESCAPE PLAN BRAVO - Rhys and Fiona are forced to continue the search for the Vault beacon - at gunpoint. It is on the Hyperion moon base while our heroes are on Pandora, so there’s the cold void of death known as ‘space’ to overcome.

EPISODE FIVE: THE VAULT OF THE TRAVELLER - In the final episode, all hell breaks loose. Jack is now in control of Helios’ systems, and he’s ready to reclaim his rightful place as king of Hyperion (with or without you). It’s a mad dash to get out of the chaotic space station alive.


Utgivelsesdato 22/4-2016
Sjanger Eventyr
Utgiver TellTales
PEGI merking 18+


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